I am a qualified midwife trained in the easibirthing method pioneered by Sharon Mustard in Sailsbury, and developed with midwives to complement UK birth practises. This method teaches self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing methods to help prepare the body for a natural birth. The aim is to equip you to take an active role in your birth experience, and to be able to help rather than hinder the body’s physiological process. The techniques can help you to remain calm, focussed and to maintain a sense of control whatever type of birth you have.

Easibirthing classes will teach you:

    • How the body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with the body throughout labour.
    • Techniques to help you overcome fear or tension replacing this with a sense of calm, confidence and control.
    • Techniques to help produce a shorter and more comfortable labour.
    • How to reach a deeply focussed and relaxed state between contractions.
    • Techniques to manage pain and alter pain perception.
    • Techniques to help calm your baby & promote breastfeeding.

Some of the benefits reported in clinical trials and anecdotally are:

  • Reduced levels of fear and anxiety.
  • Pervasive relaxation before, during and after delivery.
  • Diminished need for medication
  • Increased rates of natural birth
  • Shortened average length of labour
  • The ability to manage and control discomfort
  • The fostering of positive emotions throughout the birth process
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promotion of lactation for breast feeding
  • A calmer, more laid back baby
  • For evidence and research papers visit the Easibirthing Website

You are welcome to attend with or without a birth partner, and supporting materials including information sheets and MP3’s will provided for practise and preparation at home. The course consists of 5 sessions of approximately an hour and half. One to one classes can be flexibly arranged to suit your individual requirements, and can be taken at either at the practise or your own home. Small group sessions at The Health Haven are also available.

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