CBT is a more active directive form of therapy. It concentrates on how your thoughts affect your
emotions and behaviours. It can be particularly helpful when you already have a goal In mind,
maybe an emotion or behaviour that you are seeking to change. You are taught to recognise and
to challenge unhealthy thoughts, replacing them with ones, which whilst still being authentic for
you, are more flexible and healthy.

Cognitive and behavioural homework exercises are used to integrate new thoughts and beliefs, and to strengthen your ability to change unwanted or unhealthy behaviours, into healthier ones that are in line with your new thoughts and beliefs. CBT is one of the most researched types of psychological therapy and is recommended for the treatment of anxiety and depression by the the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. (NICE)

For more information about CBT see www.gov.uk/cbt or www.mind.org.uk

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy