How CBT Can Change How You Think, Act and Feel.

Using CBT to Think, Act and Feel Differently. Cognitive Behavioural Therapies are the most researched of all the talking therapies. The term has come to encompass various approaches which work primarily with thoughts (cognitions), behaviours or both. These approaches have a good evidence base to support their use in the treatment of anxiety and depression […]

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions – Positive Intentions Behind Negative Behaviours

When working with unhelpful or unwanted behaviours it can be helpful to consider the original purpose or intention that the behaviour evolved to serve. One of the presuppositions of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is that every behaviour has some positive intention behind it, or in other words it has at least at sometime served a positive purpose. NLP […]

Banking Our Good Times

As many of us return to work or studies after the Summer break, I have noticed that enquiries as to how friends and colleagues enjoyed their holidays have often been met with the reply ‘it was great but it feels like ages ago’. How is it then that pleasant memories, emotions and experiences can seem […]

Working with Our Somatic Intelligence

Joe the horse (see previous blog) demonstrated his emotional intelligence by identifying and responding to tiny physiological changes in those around him. These changes occur largely unconsciously and are a result of our somatic intelligence responding to the world around in ways programmed by our previous experience and our beliefs.  Our somatic intelligence speaks a […]

Clever Joe and Emotional Intelligence

I was reminded recently of the story of Clever Joe. Clever Joe was a horse who became famous some hundred or so years ago, on account of his astounding intelligence (well, astounding that is for a horse!) His ability to follow simple instructions, such as ‘go to the lady in the hat’, and to apparently […]